Aaron Aurora

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21 year old Aaron Aurora comes to us from Manchester England, where he plays soccer as a hobby and hopes to one day play professionally. Aaron is feeling a bit horny and decides to rub one out after a long day of practice. Keeping his soccer ball close by, he removes his shirt and begins massaging his uncut cock, while caressing his smooth body! Aaron grips his ball between his feed and takes his hard cock in hand and begins a tight gripped workout, as he lays back on the couch. After about 2 minutes, the head of his cock is covered with juicy drops of pre-cum, which he shares with the camera. Aaron moves up and sits on the back of the couch where he strokes fast and furious, resting his full ball sack on top of his soccer ball, moving toward what will end up being a very happy ending for Aaron, as his cock explodes with a thick creamy load across his ball and still erupts over the top of his tightly gripped fist!

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